Once More With Style

You know the thing I love most about my generation is that we like style.  We brought style back.  The 80’s were about excess, the 90s about being anti-anything, but the new millenium (and I group myself in this loosely) figured out that style and function could french kiss once in a while.  It was about good design.  Intelligent doesn’t have to be homely.  I remember my first teapot I bought for myself in my first apartment with my first (and still bestie) roommates.  It was a Michael Graves, and I loved it not just for the fact that it was designed by a famousish architect, but because it was interesting to look at.  I didn’t just want tea, I wanted to be pleased by the teamaking process.  Beautiful things bring more beauty in the world.


Not just tea – Tea With Style, motherfuckers.  Think about it.



<drops cup>



a step forward

Well, the word count was pretty low, but it still felt like a pretty important piece of writing.


In this galaxy, right now…

A blog is born.  It is jockeyed by a letter-pusher  who has finally come out from under her rock to spew forth opinions and stories about all things cosmic, and maybe occasionally terrestrial as well.  It is the unfiltered swirling mass of wine-and-coffee soaked musings about unicorns and dragons and unidragons and dragoncorns.  And kittens in space.  Oh, yes, there will be kittens in space eating cheeseburgers.  But I digress.  This is a place to discuss my journey as a writer and reader of various genres of the sci-fi and fantasy realms, and it may include diatribes about science, nature, art, pop culture and the strange metamorphosis of becoming a parent.  If I seem a little dizzy, it’s because I’m floating on a rock that dances in circles.